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I’m so lucky to have found Olivia. She’s a very skilled, warm and supportive trainer. I’ve been able to gain better balance, spinal flexibility and overall strength from working with her. You’ll be in very capable hands with Olivia!


Olivia has been my Pilates and Gyrotonic® instructor since 2009. She is knowledgeable and practices what she preaches. She understands my limitations and is flexible in creating exercises that work best for me. The fact that I have been her client for almost 12 years speaks volumes.​


For the past year and a half I have worked with Olivia twice a week with a combination of Pilates and Gyrotonic®. My body has transformed itself .I am slimmer, stronger, more flexible and energetic then I was 10 years ago or any other time in my life.
I enjoy my sessions as they are challenging but also very fun and I feel leaving more energized for the rest of the day.


Andre and Olivia explained and corrected everyone's form and I loved that proper stretching was emphasized. This morning was my very first class and the environment was great and I absolutely loved it. I'm dying to schedule some sessions regularly after such a wonderful class. Can't wait to come back!

Ashley D.

The best Pilates instructors on the Peninsula.  The studio has a gyrotonic machine which helped me with a serious problem of recovering from a frozen shoulder.

Andre and Olivia technical knowledge targets specific parts of your body and they know what they're doing! Amazing!

Charlie B.

Great at individualizing a program and has a set of good exercises for anything you want to work on. For me, it was my knees and my upper back. Andre and Olivia are also good at making your program progressively harder the more often you go to the studio.
Andre and Olivia really know Pilates! They are also a former professional ballet dancer and I think that's partially why they have a very detail oriented style.

Karen C.

This is a really terrific Pilates Studio! Andre and Olivia are super knowledgeable and up on all the latest techniques. I've been taking lessons here for fourteen years.!

    Crickette B.

Excellent small Pilates and Gyrotonic® studio. I love the specialized workouts and the attention. Many Pilates studios take on large crowds, unfortunately allowing people to push themselves too hard and getting hurt. Here you're under the gentle supervision of Andre or Olivia in a relaxed atmosphere. You can be seen on a 1:1 session, or in a group setting, regardless you how many people are in the room, you have the room to workout with a safe routine designed for you.

    Magda S.

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